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AP Athlete™

Advanced Progress of athletes is dedicated to helping athletes develop personal competencies.

What is AP Athlete™?

The Advanced Progress of athletes (AP Athlete™ ) is a psych-educational program comprised of developmental courses dedicated to helping athletes develop the personal competencies of Emotional Intelligence. 

Sharing Similar characteristics to Advanced Placement courses in high school that prepare students for collegiate-level classes, AP Athlete™ prepares student-athletes for the emotional and mental demands of participating in sports and living as an athlete. 

Viewed as a solution to the recommendations of evidenced-based studies in the field of Sport Psychology, AP Athlete™ develops the personal skills of athletes that have been proven to be beneficial in and out of sports.

How does
AP Athlete™ Work?

With the focus of the AP Athlete™ being the development of personal skills that contribute to performance skills, The AP Athlete™ staff facilitates athlete-friendly classes where athletes participate in exercises, discussions, and assessments to develop an athlete’s overall

self-awareness and self-confidence.


What is the outcome of attendinG
AP Athlete™?

Through attendance and participation, athletes will develop the skills to manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Comprised of the three pillars of confidence (Character, Commitment, & Consistency), AP Athlete™ aims to improve an athlete's ability to showcase their hard work and talent more consistently.

How Does AP Athlete™ Benefit My Athlete?

With firsthand experience of a lack of support and preparation as a former student-athlete turned D-1 athlete, AP Athlete™ aims to provide a service to an underserved group that is often assumed to “have it all together.”

With projections of gap years taken, suicide in adolescent-aged athletes, and failure to launch amongst young adults increasing annually, the staff here at Unleash! sets out to address this false narrative of student-athletes by promoting the development of athletes in and out of sports.

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