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Unleash! counselors help athletes navigate critical areas of self-development in a safe space.

Athlete-centered counseling

How’re you doing? The knee-jerk response for most athletes is “I’m Good” when in all actuality this is far from the case. 


Unleash! counselors specialize in recognizing and supporting the complexity of an athlete’s life (whether current or former) by implementing optimal approaches to serve athletes in a personal, performance, social, and mental health setting.

In addition to helping athletes build self-confidence, identify unique strengths, prevent burnout, and recover from injury,  We also recognize Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health concerns that are often suppressed in the athletic community.

INTRALETE™ is the Player Development Program created by the Unleash! founder, Dr. D'Anthony Smith, to assist athletes in developing the emotional awareness needed to be their optimal self in and out of sport. 

1 hr · 1-on-1 Sports Counseling Session

Unleash! sessions are held either In-person or on a secure online platform. Contact Unleash! to schedule a free phone consultation.

Build Self-Confidence

The belief in self is hard to develop when your performance is not up to your personal standards. Let’s put a plan together that builds on your current levels of confidence and enhance your ability to perform.



Having awareness and an understanding of how to implement your strongest attributes can contribute to playing at an optimal level. Let’s put a plan together that implements your newfound strengths and influences your ability to perform optimally.



Mental health concerns are often suppressed in athletic performance. If you are looking for support related to confidence in your self, skillset, or performance, Unleash! offers a safe space to explore all aspects of player development and mental health in athletes.

Injury Recovery

What do you do when someone says, “Injuries are a part of the game?” Most athletes are stuck with their own thoughts. Let’s put a plan together that allows you to address the issue and return to optimal form both physically and mentally.

Athlete/Sport Burnout

Exhaustion is real! you are mentally and physically tired. Let’s put a plan together that allows you to address the issue and return to optimal form.

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